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Jo Bartlett-Hubbard has been making films and documentaries with charities, the public sector and purpose-led businesses since 2005, and has built up a detailed understanding of the needs and concerns of these sectors. Over the years she’s been lucky enough to film with a vast range of people – paramedics living with mental health conditions, Amish communities, the CEO of the NHS, parents and teens in mediation, MPs, those working in interfaith relations, whistle-blowers, people living with terminal illness and families living on landfill sites in Manila. As a result she has learnt how to work sensitively and respectfully, put contributors at their ease, and maintain a relaxed filming environment even when the subject matter is tricky, without compromising the quality of the end product.

Jo’s extensive work within broadcast TV means she is used to making high-quality films, which can compete in the fight for viewers in today’s 24/7 media.  Her experience running the film wing of a communications agency means she also understands branding and how films can work as part of a wider communications strategy.

This combination of experience makes her uniquely placed to make films which give organisations the best chance of achieving their aims, whether this is measured in terms of fundraising, increasing awareness or persuading audiences to take specific action.

In 2014 Jo decided to leave her work in TV to concentrate on making films whose clear goal is to create a positive impact.  As someone whose love of film is intrinsically tied up with the desire to make a difference, she loves working with other people who want to make the world a better place, and making films that help them achieve their goals.

The Team

Over the years we have worked with many crew members, editors and other post-production professionals who share this ethos, so we can choose people who best fit each project from this pool of trusted, experienced colleagues.  This also gives us flexibility, so we can crew up for large projects, or keep things small for projects which only require one or two crew members.

Some of the organisations we have worked with:

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